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Mechanical and Inspection Solutions for
Critical Mining Equipment

Mining equipment maintenance is vital for the safety of miners working on site and the ability to maintain production. Projects can be dangerous, and underground mining presents special risks. Constantly testing pressure and force mechanisms on heavy mining machinery is very important. Preventative maintenance can help your operations avoid the burden of broken drills, crushers, and pumps.

At Team, we provide a variety of inspection and repair services to verify the integrity of equipment and quickly repair damaged components, saving time and reducing costs. From on-site line boring of wear points to thermal expansion of bolts for removal or insertion, we have the experience, equipment, and locations to keep your mining operating equipment in service.


Field Machining
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Technical Bolting
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NDE Inspection
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Heat Treating and
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Hot Tap, Line Stop and
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Valve Repair
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Field Machining Services

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of portable machine tools and on-site machining. We provide mining customers on-site, machine-shop precision in severing, boring, tapping, facing, turning, beveling, milling, repairing valves, welding and bolting services.

Technical Bolting Services

We provides fast, economical technical bolting services for capital expansion, equipment startup and day-to-day maintenance with trained experienced technicians. We provide industrial customers torquing, hydraulic tensioning, hot bolting, nut splitting and stud removal.

NDE Inspection Services

Our NDE Technicians are certified to CGSB/ASNT and can provide computed radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, phased array, visual inspection, PMI, ferrite testing, hardness testing and integrity services (corrosion/erosion) in a fast and reliable manner. Our technicians use the most affective inspection technique to assess mining components, lifting equipment, head frames, process equipment (ball mills and sag mills, piping systems, etc), gears and pressure equipment (boilers and associated power piping).

Heat Treating and Stress Relieving

Our Field Heat Treating technicians can precisely apply heat to components ranging from small, complex fittings to massive loader assemblies.

  • Preheating and post-weld heat treating for welded repairs on heavy equipment.
  • Thermal expansions to assist in removal and insertion of bolts and pins, generator housings and retaining ring.
  • Combustion heating for refractory curing, post-weld heat treating large vessels and components and kiln heat ups.

Hot Tap, Line Stop and Line Freeze Services

We offer customers a safe, dependable way to avoid a shutdown or isolate a system for add on, by-pass, tie-in or repairs by utilizing our line stop or hi-stop procedures. All line stop, hot tap and hi-stop fittings are designed to ASME/ANSI codes and standards. We offer a line freeze technique that is an economical and non-intrusive method used to isolate piping systems.

Valve Repair Services

We have a full service organization for turnkey services for the repair of valves to include: process valves (gates, globes, checks, etc.), control valves, safety valves and pressure/vacuum vents. We have complete repair capabilities, valve preventive maintenance programs and a valve data management program.

When applicable, the use of our multi-trained personnel and/or our specialized technicians while performing all of these services will allow your company to recognize additional cost savings.

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